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OKBET VCT Stage 2 Masters | Confirmed as the first Valorant LAN Event 2022

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OKBET VCT Stage 2 Riot has announced the location of its first international LAN VCT Masters 2 major event, which will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland. The second round of the Masters will begin on May 24th and end on May 30th. This will be the first time in the game’s history that all competing regions will face off against one another, so it’s an exciting time for everyone involved.


What we know so far about the VCT Stage 2 Masters

The second round of Masters will be an offline LAN event at OKBET VCT Stage 2, which means teams will not need to select servers because lag will not be an issue. It is also a historic occasion for Valorant Online, as this will be the first time teams from different regions will meet in person rather than online.

Of course, because we’re in a pandemic, precautions will be taken, and each team will be quarantined upon arrival in Iceland. Unfortunately, there will be no live audience, but simply seeing all of the teams competing under one roof will suffice for the time being.

There will be ten teams competing, and each will be chosen using the following regional distribution:

  • North America has two slots.
  • EMEA has two slots.
  • Brazil has two slots.
  • Korea has one slot.
  • Japan has one slot.
  • Southeast Asia has one slot.
  • Latin America has one slot.

Which region will come out on top?

It’s no secret that the North American and European markets have received the most attention since the release of OKBET Valorant, and for good reason. Right now, NA is the OKBET Valorant Wild West, with some incredible teams and aggressive fraggers, and a strong emphasis on individual plays and performance. The EU, on the other hand, is much more team-oriented, with both players and teams putting more effort into tactical play.

When different playstyles from each region clash in Masters 2, we can expect any established meta to be completely altered. It’s nearly impossible to predict who will win with certainty, but we can speculate.

We have two OKBET Valorant powerhouses from the east, Vision Strikers from Korea and Absolute JUPITER from Japan. Both of these teams have an incredible track record, and their performance on the OKBET Valorant Champions Tour has been outstanding. Vision Strikers have won every tournament they have entered and have gone undefeated through two rounds of Challengers. This undefeated team appears to be extremely strong, but the real question is how they will fare against teams from other regions.


The impact of Masters 2 on Valorant Esports

Riot’s announcement of their first international OKBET Valorant LAN event is a huge step forward for the game, not only because of the global Covid-19 situation, but also because we’ll finally be able to see a OKBET Valorant melting pot with different teams from around the world in the same place. The meta will undoubtedly shift, forcing many teams to readjust, resulting in new and interesting strategies and playstyles. The overall experience will fortify the scene and, hopefully, propel the Valorant action to new heights.

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