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OKBET Valorant Hints | New Map Act III will bring competitive adjustments to the Icebox 2021

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OKBET Valorant Hints

OKBET Valorant Hints Riot Games has unveiled Icebox, a new Valorant map, after a few weeks of rumors. The developer revealed some specifics in a video aired on its YouTube channel, hinting that the map would be launched with Act 3, which will be released next week.

OKBET Valorant Hints

The official reveal video shows a terrain blanketed in snow and tundra, adding a terrifying new setting to the game.

Riot seems to have responded to criticisms from both professional and casual players regarding the game’s restricted map choices. With just four maps in rotation (Ascent, Bind, Split, and Haven), there was concern that OKBET Valorant Hints gameplay might become too monotonous.

The map itself has a big warship on one side and some kind of dockyard with enormous cargo containers. Following in the footsteps of the previous maps, Icebox seems to feature a distinct mobility component to the map. On the opposite side of the map, there’s a large skyscraper with numerous storeys, equipped with ropes that look to be ziplines.

OKBET Valorant Hints

Could ziplines be Icebox’s distinguishing feature on OKBET Valorant Hints, given Ascent’s trap doors, Bind’s teleporters, Haven’s three bomb locations, and Split’s ropes?

Competitive shifts

Apart from Icebox at OKBET Valorant Hints, Riot has indicated that Act III would bring significant improvements to the game. Most significantly, gamers will now queue with players of similar level. The number of levels has been decreased from six to three. Furthermore, Immortal and higher rank growth will be determined only by victories or losses and the result of a match.

OKBET Valorant Hints

On October 13th, all of Valorant’s Act III Competitive modifications will go live.

The OKBET Valorant Hints map update comes only a few weeks after Riot announced the First Strike championship. First Strike will be Riot’s first regional tournament in Valorant, and it seems to be the first step toward aligning the game’s competitive system with the incredibly successful one adopted in League of Legends.

OKBET Valorant Hints

OKBET Valorant Hints, Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, and Brazil will all experience First Strike. To qualify, teams will need to gain points at numerous regional tournaments, similar to the Ignition Series. The eight teams with the greatest points will be invited to the First Strike event, which will be held between December 3 and 6.

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OKBET Valorant Hints