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OKBET Tips, Do you feel trapped in Silver? Not to worry, statistics show that this is the case for the majority of OKBET Valorant gamers. Here’s how to fast rise through the Silver tiers.


The distribution of OKBET Valorant Tips ranks recently showed that the bulk of gamers are stuck at Silver. Silver has the most players of any rank, which is astounding. While Silver is sometimes chastised for being the “bot” Elo, this fact reveals that it may be the most difficult rank to leave. However, playing it wisely might help you get through it at OKBET Tips.

Tips for Quickly Obtaining Silver in OKBET Valorant

If you’re adept at tracking radar, targeting, and looking at foes yet still find yourself in low ELO for months, there are a few things you’re doing incorrectly at OKBET Tips. These suggestions should help you leave Silver swiftly.


Make a warm-up routine

It is critical to establish a warmup program and to stick to it before participating in sports at OKBET Valorant Tips. Avoid mindlessly shooting foes in deathmatch, since this seldom helps, particularly if you’re rookie. Create a regimen that warms up your aim and puts you in the appropriate frame of mind.

Play a few practice maps in KovaaK’s practice range before entering OKBET Tips Valorant‘s practice range. Before beginning a rated game, practice shooting stationary and moving bots.

Shoot at moving targets for practice

Be aware that your opponents will often be on the move during live games. OKBET Tips Valorant has a run-and-gun issue, which is exacerbated by agents like Raze and Jett. It’s simple to strike a stationary target on the range, but you won’t always have that opportunity while competing. Rather of racing around the range shooting at fixed targets, consider practicing against moving targets from a single location.


In ranking games, go with Reyna or Phoenix

If you’re alone queuing, you may want to let go of your controller or initiator for a time. Picking Reyna or Phoenix in Silver and Gold is the ultimate key to ranking up, as simple as it may seem. This is why at OKBET Tips.

Silver-level teammates are often uncooperative, resulting in delayed advancement. To counteract this, always choose fast-paced agents who can fend for themselves. Reyna and Phoenix are the only self-sufficient duelists who can throw themselves into dangerous situations and come out unhurt. Both duelists have the ability to cure themselves, which frees them from reliance. Mastering these two duelists can greatly improve your chances of ranking higher.

Stop hunching

If you’re still learning to shoot in Valorant, you should develop healthy habits, and crouching isn’t one of them at OKBET Tips. Many players crouch and fire in Valorant, however this is merely an invitation to be headshot.

Crouching in Valorant is a bad idea since most players go for the chest. When you squat, your head is precisely in the crosshairs of your opponent, allowing you an easy headshot angle. Furthermore, immobile targets are always the most susceptible in Valorant, and this is true when crouching at OKBET Tips. To remain alive longer, avoid spamming your control key.

Locate a five-stack

When you queue in a five-stack lobby, you have a better chance of winning a Valorant game. As previously stated, the category feature in Valorant makes it difficult to depend on teammates to perform their tasks effectively at OKBET Tips.

If you’re playing with friends, you may want to avoid Reyna in favor of a support character like Sage if you’re still working on improving your aim. Choosing a passive agent in a solo queue, on the other hand, will impede your rank development.

In a five-stack, you may play your favored role while knowing your teammates have your back. To get out of Silver fast, try to locate four players in your Elo range.


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