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OKBET TI11 LCQ Playoffs Recap | Vici removes two regions, Secret seems invisible 2021

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OKBET TI11 LCQ playoffs recap: Vici removes two regions, Secret seems invincible

Another day for OKBET TI11.

There were four more.

The OKBET TI11 Last Chance Qualifier is down to the final four teams: Team Secret, Virtus Pro, Team Liquid, and Vici Gaming. Secret and VP will compete in the upper bracket final, which means that even if they lose, they will get a second opportunity at the main event.

Before the conclusion is in sight, Liquid and Vici will have to play another elimination series. It’s do or die for these four teams, and only two will remain in the end.


Team Secret and Virtus Pro each have two opportunities to qualify for TI11.

OKBET TI11 of Team Secret seems to be finding it out just at the end of what has been one of the worst seasons in the organization’s dominating history at OKBET DOTA 2 Esports. The Western European team is still attempting to maintain captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s TI attendance streak. Two zoo strats—Lycan and Chen in game one and Beastmaster and Enchantress in game two—completely destroyed T1 in two consecutive games to clinch a spot in the upper bracket finals.

Eastern European contingent Virtus Pro had a rougher day. They had a difficult series against a tenacious Team Liquid, having to cope with their persistence in the first two games. But Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev was at his best today, guiding VP through difficult moments in the series with a diverse hero pool—Morphling, Nature’s Prophet, and Luna—while piling up a 29/8/30 K/D/A. Their most impressive win was in game three, and maybe they can take that momentum into the series with a dazzling Secret.


Liquid makes the best comeback of the day versus VP

In game one of their upper bracket series versus Virtus Pro at OKBET TI11 , Team Liquid was struggling. VP led by more than 16,000 gold in the 42nd minute, but they demonstrated their teamfighting skill in a game that finally lasted 58 minutes at OKBET DOTA 2. Liquid was able to outplay VP battle after fight, scoring a difficult win in the opening game.

But VP came back strong in games two and three, flipping the series around and securing a spot in the LCQ upper bracket final. Even though Liquid finally lost the series, they were eager to end their day. The Western European team rode roughshod over Xtreme Gaming in two games in only 43 minutes of playing time, knocking the Chinese club out of the competition.

Vici Gaming sends the final dreams of North America and Southeast Asia home

Few people would have picked Vici Gaming at the top of their choice of teams to qualify for the OKBET TI11 LCQ. Despite an early setback to Virtus Pro in the upper bracket, the squad has gone from strength to strength, defeating Infamous, Wildcard Gaming, and T1 to be among the top LCQ teams at OKBET TI11.

The next test will be against Team Liquid. This LCQ, the two teams have yet to meet. It’s a crucial series for both teams, as only one will get a chance to face either Secret or VP for a TI11 main event slot at OKBET DOTA 2 Esports.

The three series will be aired on PGL’s official Twitch channel tomorrow. The program will be accessible on YouTube as well.

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