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In May 2017 at OKBET PUBG Esports Tournaments, Bluehole Interactive hosted the 2017 Charity Invitational to raise money for the Gamers Outreach Foundation, generating US$120,000 in donations and US$100,000 when Bluehole matched its fans. The early competition effectively served as a precursor or prototype for future officially-organized PUBG esports matches.


The Gamescom OKBET PUBG Esports Invitational LAN Tournament followed, which took place from August 23 to August 26 during the annual Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. 80 of the most popular PUBG pro players and live-streamers competed for a share of US$350,000 in total prize money, hosted by the Electronic Sports League in collaboration with Bluehole. The Gamescom OKBET PUBG Esports Invitational featured matches in Solo, Duo, Duo FPP (first-person perspective), and Squad modes. The team or individual players with the highest score after three games would be crowned champions and receive the lion’s share of the prize money. The duo tournament was won by an open qualifier team known as “Suisse My Baguette,” who took home a $30,000 grand prize, despite the fact that much of the action and hype was tempered by poor camerawork.

The Intel Extreme Masters Oakland – OKBET PUBG Esports Invitational 2017 took place in November and featured a 20-team, 80-player tournament organized by Intel and ESL, with a prize pool of US$200,000. The grand prize was won by Team AAA Gaming.

The OKBET PUBG Esports competitive scene continues to thrive in 2019, with more map releases, more people watching streams, and more prize money influencing tournament size. Overall, PUBG is gaining traction as a mainstream betting esport.


At its peak, OKBET PUBG Esports was the most popular game on Steam, with 2 – 3 million daily users. The game already includes many betting features as part of the gaming experience and has a large betting community that is growing every day. There are numerous betting sites available for PUBG fans to wager on their favorite game. People are becoming increasingly interested in Esports betting, but PUBG is still relatively new to the Esports betting scene.


As a result, the editorial team at eSportBet.com wishes to direct PUBG and Esport fans to the best sites for them to learn and grow alongside this popular Esport title.


The most popular way for people to bet on this Microsoft game is through OKBET PUBG betting apps, with most international online esports betting sites offering downloadable software. All of the PUBG betting sites we recommend on this website have fully functional mobile sites where you can bet.

The best OKBET PUBG betting apps are unquestionably those available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. These are the two most common gambling application software platforms used by industry titans such as Samsung and Apple. You can basically join a PUBG betting site and then download their software, which gives you instant access to 100s of different markets and odds at any time.


PUBG betting apps are extremely useful because they include features such as the ability to bookmark specific matches, players, or even teams. Keeping these records via a betting app can be extremely beneficial when betting on PUBG.

On Android smartphones, downloading PUBG betting apps is slightly different, as it requires first opening an account with a bookie and then downloading the app directly from the company. To allow the download, you must have non-market apps enabled.

Only readers in countries where sports betting is legal will be able to download PUBG iOS betting apps, as these can only be obtained from the Apple App Store and are subject to strict regulations regarding what can be marketed where. Offshore betting sites are included.

In our comprehensive guide, you can learn more about esports betting apps, including the differences between downloading Android and iOS and the process required.


With so many options available to Esports fans at OKBET PUBG Esports, it can be difficult to decide which site to use and why. Clicking the first link you find is a big mistake, so we’ve put together this betting guide on where to bet on PUBG and why.



Never believe everything you read on the internet because it can be a crazy and unpredictable place at times. Unfortunately, there will always be some shady betting sites out there trying to steal our money in some unethical way. These sites are becoming increasingly rare as the iGaming industry grows and develops, but it is always important to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for crooks like these.

That is why, at eSportBet.com, safety and dependability will always be our top priority in order to protect our readers from being duped. Before recommending a site to our list of top sites, we always make sure that it is trustworthy.

PUBG betting is still in its early stages, with less stringent regulations than traditional sportsbooks or online casinos. There are a few indicators you can look for to determine whether a website is trustworthy or not. Look for sites that have consistent traffic from a large number of players, offer multiple games/options to punters, and, finally, offer betting on established Esport titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as these are likely the safest and most reliable. Checking their license details is also a good idea – licenses based in your own country or in Europe are the most reliable (MGA, UKGC, SGA), whereas some licenses are less reliable (Curacao).


Because the Esports betting industry is still in its early stages, many betting sites have yet to reach the level of sportsbook operators and traditional sports betting. At the moment, design and functionality are two of the most important factors distinguishing PUBG betting sites.

Keep an eye out for sites with shoddy website design when deciding where to place your PUBG wagers. This is a big red flag for PUBG fans or punters trying to place a bet. The best websites are clean and user-friendly, look professional, and are easy to use and dependable. This includes dependable and trustworthy customer service support. The best betting sites have excellent customer service teams that are constantly working to improve their product and improve your experience. New players can contact customer service to learn more about how the site works and what level of support is available.

Our readers are the most important thing to us at eSportsBet.com, so if a site doesn’t feel right, save your money and look elsewhere.


Skins are a type of in-game currency in PUBG. Everyone desires skins. These skins are even used for betting, and one of the best ways to test a site is to make some low-value deposits and withdrawals. Legitimate sites will allow you to withdraw funds without incident, whereas shady sites will make the process more difficult.

Fans of PUBG should use social media, as forums and social media pages can often shed a lot of light on a site’s trustworthiness and reliability. Use these pre-existing communities to learn what’s going on with specific sites and which ones to avoid.


Punters can increase their coin bankrolls, win rare or unique skins and mods, and sites usually offer a variety of games/bets for players to win with when betting on PUBG. There are four different kinds of bets that can be placed on the game. These include jackpot games in which players wager their winnings to build a jackpot. The amount of loot wagered determines a player’s chances of winning. Once a bet is closed, these sites typically conduct a random spin to determine a winner who receives the entire pot, minus a small commission charged by the site.

Coin flips are a different type of game in which bets are placed one on one, with each player having an equal chance of winning. The next type of game available is PUBG Roulette, which, like its traditional counterpart, involves players betting on colors. The final type of game is Crash, in which players place bets and then view a graphic with their win rate number inside. The higher the number, the more you win, with players required to cash out before the game crashes.

We hope this covers everything you need to know to take on the PUBG world. More information about Esport betting can be found at OKBET.com.


Unprecedented number of players and viewers The growth of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is difficult to ignore, given that it is the second most streamed game on Twitch, trailing only League of Legends in terms of unique numbers. According to SuperData, PUBG has surpassed 200 million unique viewers, falling just short of League of Legends’ record of 286 million unique viewers in October 2017 — the largest audience for a single esports game. PUBG’s viewership is 20 times larger than its actual player base, which is a clear indication, if not already obvious, that mainstream appeal exists.

Sales and playerbase: PUBG has sold over 8 million copies and surpassed 700,000 peak concurrent users, which is more than some current esports games. Official recognition and participation from well-known esports teams and franchises such as Cloud9 Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, and Team Liquid indicate serious considerations and preparations for its full-scale esports debut in 2018 at OKBET.

Popular appeal: Multiplayer shooters are without a doubt the most popular type of competitive video game on the market, and we don’t need to tell you how popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports is all over the world. PUBG bears all of the hallmarks of the most popular games of the last decade: survival elements, loot boxes (pioneer crate), FPS and TPS gameplay, and a very simple and straightforward death match premise that most modern gamers can quickly get into.

What steps should you take if you want to bet but aren’t sure where to go or how to play the games? If you go to the OKBET Esports, you will be able to find any extra information that you require.