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OKBET PSG.LGD | Heavy Favorite to win DOTA 2 TI11, Do not forget the Popular Darkhorse of DOTA 2, the OG!



OKBET PSG.LGD, the largest OKBET Dota 2 tournament in the world has arrived, concluding this year’s Dota Pro circuit. The 11th annual edition of The International is being held in Asia for the first time. This year’s edition is going to be a lavish occasion in Singapore favorite team OKBET PSG.LGD, with 20 teams divided into two groups.

The league phase will be based on a single round-robin format, with the top four players from each pool progressing to the upper-bracket playoffs. Teams ranked fifth through eighth will compete in the main event as lower-bracket challengers at OKBET PSD.LGD. The lowest two from each group will be eliminated and will not compete in the main event.


The playoffs will begin on October 20 in front of a live audience. In a double-elimination tournament, the main event will feature 16 teams – the top eight from each pool. The spectacular will conclude on October 30 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with the grand finals. The favorite team arrive which is OKBET PSD.LGD.

The prize fund for this year’s International will be less than in prior years. However, the prize money for this event has risen quickly throughout the years. The prize pool has suffered as a result of the slower pace of battle pass and crowdfunding. Nonetheless, it is one of the most financially lucrative events.

Check out our OKBET Dota 2 betting guide before we look at the favorites and dark horses for The International.


Dota 2 The International 2022 Odds

Team Spirit+500
Royal Never Give Up+1000
Team Aster+1200

Dota 2 Tournament of Champions 2022 Favorites

(+225) PSG.LGD

PSG finished second in The International 2021. LGD has gradually gained traction. They won the Riyadh Masters, where they exacted vengeance on Team Spirit, and finished second in the PGL Arlington Major at OKBET DOTA 2.

Ame had been instrumental in much of this accomplishment, planting the seeds of PSG. LGD’s dominance as they strive to outperform previous year’s accomplishments. Let’s be clear about something. It’s not the same as OKBET PSG. LGD are unbeatable. Nonetheless, their constancy, a result of stability, makes them strong favorites.

Despite all they’ve accomplished in the last year, their defeat to Team Spirit in last year’s International final remains a huge talking point. But they are not afraid of Spirit; in fact, they defeated them handily in the group stage and came close to making a stunning comeback from a 2-0 deficit in the final. When they won in Riyadh, they really hit the high notes.

So a healthy competition has emerged, and maybe a new chapter is about to be written. PSG is a team that understands how to reverse the tide from the depths of despair. LGD. They have the expertise and pedigree to turn difficult circumstances around. Even if they are on top, this puts their opponents under equal strain.


(+500) Team Spirit

Several Chinese Dota 2 fans are having nightmares over their team not banning Magnus, but Spirit is seeking to repeat their historic run to the crown last year, which was one of the finest in the game’s history. To come back from losing four games in the group stage and then make a run from the lower bracket was the stuff of fantasies. They subsequently won 10 of their next 12 games to win the championship. During their incredible run, they defeated well-known teams like as OG and Virtus Pro.

Team Spirit exudes undeniable confidence, as seen by their performance against PSG.

LGD has the pressure on them in the final for the second time in a row at TI10. They eventually beat the odds and won.

Their game was distinguished by their proclivity to take greater chances and attempt to catch opponents off guard with on-the-fly schemes. It’s something they’ve done well so far, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t continue to do so in the future.

They figured OKBET PSD.LGD in that final.

LGD would tire sooner, particularly in titles they deemed unredeemable, in order to focus their resources on the next game in the series. Under such conditions, Team Spirit stormed in to secure the victory.


Dota 2 TI 2022: Dark Horses

OG (+650)

It’s difficult to win TI, and much more difficult to win it twice in a row. While everyone is wondering whether Team Spirit can pull this off, history points to OG and their back-to-back victories at TI8 and TI9. They are a squad that flies under the radar of some of the superstars yet is capable of hurting the best on their day.

They’re a squad that’s steadily making its way back up the rankings after several high-profile retirements and the absence of major players like N0tail and Topson. They’ve had to rebuild and have placed their trust in Misha’s leadership. Instead of seeking established superstars, they have opted for young players who may provide a long-term return on investment.

This choice to rebuild has yielded uneven outcomes, but they have all bought into a long-term vision that provides them with clear head space and an awareness of how short-term results will not impact their approach. They finished fourth on the DPC Winter Tour and advanced to the regional finals.

They finished third, which made supporters worry whether they had passed their prime. OG, on the other hand, has shown to surprise many throughout the years, like they did in the Spring Tour, when they won the ESL Stockholm Major to clinch their berth here. They finished third in the Riyadh Masters before a rather disappointing fourth place result at the PGL Arlington Major. Nonetheless, there were numerous positives to be found in those two campaigns.

Victory at ESL Malaysia, when they defeated Team Aster 3-0, was considered as a step forward. So dismiss them at your risk. This is a squad that has a lengthy history of proving the doubters wrong when they least expect it. That is unlikely to change.


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