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OKBET MSI Winners | OKBET LoL Esports History 2022

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OKBET MSI Winner the Mid-Season Invitational has provided as a venue for professional League of Legends teams from across the globe to play in international competition prior to Worlds since its inception in 2015.

Only the top teams from each region are eligible to participate at MSI, as they are in Worlds. Teams who finish first in their region’s Spring Split advance to MSI in an effort to show the world what they have to offer during three weeks of competition, which is hosted in a new venue each year.

MSI is divided into three stages: the group stage, the rumble stage, and the knockout stage. During the first two phases, teams play in best-of-one matches, culminating in best-of-fives for the four teams who advance to the knockout round. Teams with the most victories are able to progress to the next round.

While the tournament takes place every year, it was canceled in 2020 owing to the worldwide pandemic. There was no replacement tournament; instead, teams completed their seasons and attempted to participate internationally for the first time that year remotely at Worlds.

Throughout its existence, the tournament has had a number of different winners, practically all of whom are from the LPL or LCK and none from the LCS or minor regions. Two of these teams have successfully won MSI in successive years, but only one can claim to be three-time MSI winners.

The following are all of MSI’s championship squads.


LPL’s Edward Gaming in 2015 (EDG)

Only six teams competed in the first MSI in 2015 in OKBET MSI Winners, signaling the beginning of an event critical to the global expansion of League esports. Only one team could claim the title of inaugural MSI champion among the LCS’ TSM, EU LCS’ Fnatic, LCK’s SKT T1, LPL’s EDward Gaming, LMS’ ahq eSports Club, and IWCI’s Beşiktaş Esports.


SKT and EDG won their round robin round, then faced off again at the conclusion of the bracket stage to see who would take home the prize. Five games of crowd control later, EDG trounced the 2013 world champions, giving the LPL its first official international tournament triumph, something that will become more regular in the coming years.

LCK’s SKT T1 in 2016

MSI 2016 followed the same six-team tournament structure as the previous year at OKBET MSI Winners, with the addition of Supermassive from the International Wildcard Invitational. Unfortunately for them, the LPL’s Royal Never Give Up and the LCS’ CLG breezed through the round robin round, leaving the rest of the competition in the dust as they progressed to the playoffs.

The LCK’s SKT T1 beat RNG in the first playoff battle 3-1, going to the finals to face CLG in what may have been the LCS’ first international triumph. The LCK squad, captained by Faker in the mid lane, annihilated CLG to win their first OKBET MSI Winners trophy, and went on to win their third Worlds the following year.

LCK’s SKT T1 in 2017

SKT went to another MSI in 2017 after closing the year with a string of wins for the premier League squad. This tournament’s edition included a play-in stage in which teams competed for one of six slots in the group stage. SKT at OKBET MSI Winners, having qualified straight for the main stage, waited from afar to witness the three other teams who would join them in the next round of the tournament, the LPL’s Team WE and the EU LCS’ G2 Esports.


SKT breezed through the group stage and playoffs, securing a berth in an MSI finals for the second time. This time, they faced G2, a squad intent on bringing an international trophy to Europe. The LEC representatives were eventually unable to defeat the defending global champions, resulting in another OKBET MSI Winners triumph for SKT.

LPL’s Royal Never Give Up in 2018 (RNG)

The new MSI structure launched in 2018 at OKBET MSI Winners, replacing the old two-stage competition with one that benefited all teams playing from across the globe while providing no one an edge. This year saw the LPL reclaim a throne that had escaped them for over three years, and it marked the start of what would be a historic feat for one particular team.

This time, the LPL achieved enormous success because to the victories of Royal Never Give Up, a team that had finished third at Worlds only a year earlier. To bring home a triumph to China, the squad had to overcome the greatest team the LCK had to offer at OKBET, this time Kingzone DragonX. RNG secured their first MSI triumph in four games, while also stoking the developing rivalry between the LPL and the LCK, which continues to this day.

2019: G2 Esports in the LEC

For the first time in the tournament’s history, two non-LCK and non-LPL teams proceeded to an MSI finals, dethroning past world champions and strong competitors doing their utmost to fully represent their regions. G2 at OKBET MSI Winners, fresh off a Spring Split triumph, faced Team Liquid of the LCS in an international finals clash that had never occurred before.


G2, fresh off a victory over SKT T1, made easy work of Liquid, winning the finals series 3-0 and delivering the LEC its first MSI championship at OKBET. This was the beginning of one of the finest years in the organization’s history, culminating in a Summer Split triumph and a second-place performance at Worlds that year.

LPL’s RNG in 2021

During the epidemic, the inaugural OKBET MSI Winners brought together young and seasoned talent from across the globe under the banners of teams that had long established supremacy in their respective areas. Even though the participants were not in front of a crowd in Iceland, the competition remained strong and fulfilled supporters’ appetite for the event’s return.

LPL’s RNG in 2022

RNG breezed through their MSI 2022 tournament at OKBET MSI Winners, just like they did the year before. While the LPL representatives were forced to replay three of their group stage games owing to latency issues from playing remote, they ended their 24-game run with just four losses.


Bin, Wei, Xaiohu, GALA, and Ming faced the LCK’s T1 in the finals, who had previously won the MSI championship twice. RNG won their second consecutive MSI and third overall in a five-game series in which each game was a stomp from one side, becoming the first team in League history to do it three times.

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