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OKBET Mobile Legends : Bang Bang garnered more spectators than the Popular International 10 in the M3 World Championship

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OKBET Mobile Legends

OKBET Mobile Legends, the year’s premier tournament on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports circuit concluded on December 19. The M3 World Championship broke records and garnered more viewers than The International 10. In a new post, Esports Charts will discuss the tournament’s outcomes and compare its viewing success to M2.

OKBET Mobile Legends

The M3 World Championship took place from December 6 to December 19 on OKBET Mobile Legends. The prize fund has almost quadrupled since M2 and now stands at $800,000. Sixteen teams competed in the event, with all of them qualifying via the MPL (in Asia and Brazil) or regional qualifications. The tournament was held at the Suntec — Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center — in Singapore. The event’s playoffs were open to the public.

OKBET Mobile Legends

Record-breaking M3 World Championship broadcast audience

The M3 World Championship drew teams from all around the world on OKBET Mobile Legends, and some of them outperformed everyone’s expectations. For example, Natus Vincere (formerly Deus Vult/Unique Devu) placed 12th in the competition two years in a row before finishing 7th this year. The Americans from BloodThirstyKings did even better: they traveled to the World Championships for the first time and immediately grabbed third place, despite the fact that everyone felt they were the underdogs.

OKBET Mobile Legends

Indonesia has the most fans in OKBET Mobile Legends, yet the local teams have never finished higher than sixth in the rankings. The grand final featured two Philippine teams, Onic PH and Blacklist International (winners of MPL PH Season 8). The competition was won by Blacklist International, who defeated Onic PH 4-0.

*We compared M3 and M2 based on Peak Viewers in a certain language. The M3 broke various regional stream records:

  • 32% of Indonesian transmissions
  • English transmissions have increased by 220%.
  • 71% of Malaysian transmissions
  • 183% of Khmer broadcasts
  • Russian transmissions account for 52% of all broadcasts.
  • 189% of Spanish transmissions
OKBET Mobile Legends

The additional broadcasts were in Arabic, Thai, and Italian, as the game’s player and esports fan communities continue to increase on OKBET Mobile Legends.

The event was streamed on seven different platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, NimoTV, Facebook, TikTok, VK Live, and Trovo (new platform for the series). Google’s platform was the most popular, accounting for 52% of total Hours Watched. NimoTV came in second place, with 30% of total Hours Watched.

3.1 million people tuned in to see Indonesia vs. the Philippines and other famous matchups.
On the fifth day of the playoffs, the match between RRQ Hoshi (Indonesia) and Onic PH (the Philippines) gathered a record 3.1 million Peak Viewers. As a consequence, not only did the M3 World Championship become the most popular tournament in the discipline, but it also surpassed significant PC tournaments like as The International 10 (Dota 2), PGL Major Stockholm 2021 (CS:GO), and Worlds 2017-2018. (League of Legends).

OKBET Mobile Legends

Blacklist International vs. RRQ Hoshi was the tournament’s top-two match, with 3 million Peak Viewers. Blacklist International and Onic PH, both from the Philippines, advanced to the finals. However, the match only received 1.5 million Peak Viewers and did not even make the top 5 of the tournament (Philippines broadcasts dropped 47% Peak Viewers compared to M2). The reason for the total viewer loss is because Indonesian teams were unable to reach the Grand Final, despite the fact that Indonesian-speaking viewers make up a significant portion of the tournament’s viewership.

The M3 World Championship is the most popular competition in the category.

We compared the tournaments in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship. In comparison to M2, Hours Watched on M3 rose by 47%. That occurred because the event’s viewership grew significantly, and the event itself lasted 42 hours longer than M2.

OKBET Mobile Legends

The M3 World Championship’s Peak Viewers rose by 4% (+100,000 spectators). This figure makes the competition the most popular in the discipline’s history.

OKBET Mobile Legends

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