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OKBET M3 World Championships | Powerful Ultimate Finals for OKBET MLBB will be all-PH 2021

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OKBET M3 World Championships

On the last day of OKBET M3 World Championships, one final series remained, as we looked to the lower bracket finals between Blacklist International and BloodThirstyKings.

On Day 1 of the OKBET M3 World Championships playoffs, BloodThirstyKings surprised the whole world by cracking the code and dropping Blacklist International to the bottom bracket. Since then, BTK has also assailed EVOS SG, but has had little effect on Onic PH. If Blacklist wants to have an all-Philippines grand final, they must modify the code at OKBET MLBB.

BTK came into the opening game as strong as they did in their previous encounter, dominating every lane and grabbing some much-needed early pickoffs. However, the MPL PH champions’ experience and UBE tactics began to show as they totally halted the game and began to build their comeback. While the NA team was obviously creating some huge issues for Blacklist, it wasn’t enough to win game one, but it was a best-of-five, so anything could happen at OKBET M3 World Championships.

Game two was a very different story, as Blacklist seemed to have figured out how BTK functioned and utilized that to seize control. Although Blacklist were able to capitalize on several PH blunders, it was not enough to actually seize control of the game, as OHEB and Wise bombarded them with bullets from Beatrix and Kimmy.

As they faced elimination, BTK seemed to try to use the Blacklist heroes against them, stealing Beatrix and Chou while also drafting a Roger for MobaZane. While Blacklist had a strong team as well, BTK seemed to have finally found their chance to shine, as it took some tremendous bouts to establish a comfortable lead. The game quickly devolved into mayhem, with the two sides regularly trading battles. However, something had clearly awakened in the NA team at OKBET M3 World Championships, as they were able to capture a tremendous win and maybe begin their comeback at OKBET MLBB.

The BTK team took control of the following game, even with Wise on Aldous – a MobaZane Saber would come out to battle against it. Blacklist was making major mistakes in their engagements, and BTK was more than glad to punish them at every opportunity. While Blacklist made a comeback as the game went, BTK remained ready to battle at every opportunity. However, one error by the NA team was more than enough for Blacklist to totally turn the game around and win.

With that, BTK would be ousted in third position following an exceptionally fantastic M3 run. For Blacklist, their victory means that we will have an all-PH grand final at M3, and we shall identify our winners tomorrow.

M3 champions are Blacklist International!!!

WE had traveled a great distance to the OKBET M3 World Championships grand finals, where Onic PH faced off against Blacklist International for the title at OKBET.

Two teams remained at M3, both vying for the championship crown, both from the Philippines area, and both absolutely outstanding in both their region league and this event. When MPL PH Season 8 was underway, both Blacklist International and Onic PH were at the top of their respective games, as they met in the grand final. Back then, Blacklist scored a decisive win, but this time, they may have been on the defensive after overcoming a hard lower bracket run to meet their PH opponents in the grand finals.

We knew this series was going to be incredible from the first game, as both sides tried to get an early edge at OKBET. Onic had taken the Mathilda from OhMyV33nus, intending to employ the Circling Eagle against the squad that was most familiar with it. Despite Onic’s slight early game advantage, Blacklist’s UBE plan began to shine as they overran their opponents and gained the series lead.

Game two was much of the same, with Blacklist seizing control and refusing to relinquish it. On the plus side, Onic had a stronger pick and a better early game, but it wasn’t enough to overcome their Philippine counterparts, as the MPL PH Season 7 AND 8 winners seized a 2-0 lead in this best-of-seven grand final. The following game in the series finally saw Onic come to life, playing just as we had anticipated throughout the series. Onic had control of the game in the early and mid-game periods, but as the game progressed towards the late game, Blacklist seized over.

Once they had surmounted the early game Onic approach, Blacklist went on the offensive, winning another game directly in front of their opponents, pushing them to a 3-0 lead and match point. Only one team has ever completed a full reverse sweep at M3, and that was Todak when they came back to defeat Natus Vincere. But Onic would never be able to recover this disadvantage, as Blacklist annihilated them even more thoroughly than they did in the MPL PH Season 8 grand finals.

OKBET M3 World Championships

These two PH teams competed in the MPL PH Season 8, which Blacklist won 4-1, but when it came to the OKBET M3 World Championships, Onic struggled to keep up with their compatriots in every game. By 12-minutes, Blacklist was trying to conclude the series, but Onic was ready to defend their base, although for a short time, for Blacklist returned with a fury, shredding the Onic lineup and winning 4-0.

M3 concluded with Blacklist being the second Philippines team in a row to win the title, following in the footsteps of Bren Esports at M2, as they lifted the World Championship trophy and broke their international curse by defeating Onic PH 4-0.

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OKBET M3 World Championships