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OKBET ESL One Malaysia 2022 | How to watch an Amazing and Epic fight on OKBET DOTA Esports


OKBET ESL One Malaysia 2022

Four years later at OKBET ESL One Malaysia, a major Dota 2 tournament has returned to Malaysia. The latest LAN tournament in the nation was ESL One Genting 2018, which took place in 2018. ESL One Malaysia 2022, a Dota 2 tournament, has returned to Malaysia, bringing some of the world’s top teams to compete for a prize pool of $400K.

Six of the twelve teams participating in the tournament were invited: Fnatic, OG, Alliance, Team Liquid, Team Secret, and Nigma Galaxy. The remaining teams had to compete in online regional qualifiers, with the winner of those five qualifications, as well as the second place finisher in Southeast Asia, receiving a trip to ESL One Malaysia at OKBET DOTA Esports.

Entity, Team Aster, BOOM Esports, Talon Esports, TSM FTX, and Thunder Awaken qualified in the closed qualifications.

OKBET ESL One Malaysia

Schedule for OKBET ESL One Malaysia:

Stage of the Group (August 23-25) at OKBET ESL One Malaysia. There are two groups of six teams apiece. It will be a single round-robin tournament with all matches being best-of-two. The top two teams from each group progress to the playoffs’ upper bracket, while the third and fourth place teams from each group move to the playoffs’ lower bracket. The last two teams are eliminated.
Playoffs (August 26-28). (August 26-28). The playoffs will be held in a double-elimination format. Except for the Grand Final, which will be a best-of-five match, all of the matches are best-of-three.

ESL One Malaysia main broadcasts:

  • (Twitch / ENG) ESL
  • Dota2 ESL (YouTube / ENG)
  • (Twitch / ENG) ESL DOTA2
  • (Twitch / ENG) ESL DOTA2b
  • Twitch / PT: BTSBrasilTV
  • DOTA TV (YouTube / VN) 23
  • WxC Indonesia (ID / YouTube)

Viewership figures for the ESL One Malaysia 2022 qualifiers

The Europe/CIS closed qualifier had the highest statistics, with 1 million Hours Watched, 43K Average Viewers, and 86K Peak Viewers. Southeast Asia closed qualifier came in a close second with some strong figures at OKBET ESL One Malaysia. Despite having less television time, the event received 42K average viewers, 75K peak viewers, and 820K hours watched.

OKBET ESL One Malaysia

While South America and North America closed qualifiers produced similar outcomes and had respectable Average Viewership, Peak Viewers, and Hours Watched that were relatively equivalent to Europe/CIS and Southeast Asia closed qualifiers, China closed qualification figures were nowhere near.

Overall, the closed qualifiers had respectable viewing figures, and although none of them had ridiculous Peak Viewers, the most of them had a solid number of Peak Viewers, with only the China closed qualifiers having a relatively low number of just 20K Peak Viewers.

Viewership figures from the most recent ESL Dota 2 LAN tournaments held in Malaysia

It’s been four years since ESL staged a tournament in Malaysia, and the last time they did, they had such a big turnout. Remember that none of these events are in the top 10 ESL Dota 2 tournaments in terms of Average Viewers, Peak Viewers, or Hours Watched.

They do, however, have less airtime than other Dota 2 events that ESL organizes, and with ESL One Genting 2018, the last edition of the tournament, having 3.8 million Hours Watched, 225K Peak Viewers, and 83K Average Viewers, it’s reasonable to conclude that the event will have high audience statistics.

OKBET ESL One Malaysia

We’ll also see fan favorites like OG and TSM FTX, who were the top two teams in Hours Watched and Average Viewers at the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022, one of the greatest competitions of the year and the eighth largest Dota 2 tournament of all time. The participation of such teams would undoubtedly benefit ESL One Malaysia 2022 in terms of viewership at OKBET.

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OKBET ESL One Malaysia