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Welcome back to the stage of history—well of OKBET DOTA 2 TI11, different game franchises, but history will be created in Singapore when The International 2022 main event brings together 16 of the world’s top Dota 2 teams for one last showdown.

Oct 19, 2022 8:38 pm OKBET DOTA 2 TI11


Dota 2 The International 2022 Main Event live updates: complete schedule, results, and standings

For a brief period, the Aegis returns to its resting place.

Welcome back to the stage of history—well, different game franchises, but history will be created in Singapore when The International 2022 main event brings together 16 of the world’s top Dota 2 teams for one last showdown.

Between Oct. 20 and 30, OKBET DOTA 2 TI11’s greatest stage will be divided into two final portions, with the playoffs taking place at Suntec Singapore and the final set of games taking place at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Multiple teams will be battling for their tournament lives in the lower bracket from the start, while others will be attempting to carve their way through the upper bracket to capture the title of greatest Dota team in the world.

This year’s PGL production will be the most concentrated ever, with fewer series but more matches. While this may make the playoffs simpler to follow, there will still be plenty of Dota to watch. And, if you want to make the most of the tournament, here is a complete overview of the TI11 main event structure, schedule, and live standings, which are updated as match results are announced.


Let the fight for the Aegis of Champions resume

OKBET DOTA 2 TI11, the International 2022 Main Event and Playoff: Complete information, standings, schedule, and live streams.


Teams and Format

Starting with the playoffs, all 16 teams will compete at Suntec Singapore from Oct. 20 to 23. The first official bracket for TI11 will begin with four teams packing their belongings in a best-of-one elimination round. Every series after that will be a best-of-three until the grand finals, when it will be a best-of-five to conclude the championship.

There will be no seeding battles, no avoiding particular teams, simply a competition to see who can make the next epic run. There will be a break between the normal playoffs and the “main event” after the top four teams are determined. This is a first for TI and will allow the remaining participants to recover and prepare for the final stretch, which will take place at Singapore Indoor Stadium from Oct. 28 to 30.

The whole OKBET DOTA 2 TI11 playoff schedule and where to watch it can be found here.

PGL’s grip on the streaming broadcast has loosened significantly, as the whole TI11 playoff broadcast has moved from the event organizer’s channels back to The International’s official website.

There will also be less moving around for spectators who want to catch all of the action, since there will only be two active channels broadcasting matches instead of five during the group stage.

  • The International Organization (main stream)
  • The International Organization (secondary stream)
  • Channel for Dota 2 (YouTube Stream and VODs)

Here is the whole playoff bracket, as given by Liquipedia, along with a daily breakdown of which games have already concluded. The official OKBET DOTA 2 TI11 website has a comprehensive schedule for when individual games begin in your timezone.

Full match lineup, results, and live match scores for OKBET DOTA 2 TI11


The First Day (Oct. 20)

Round one of the upper bracket

  • Thunder Awaken vs. Evil Geniuses: TBD Team Secret vs. PSG
  • Tundra Esports vs. LGD: TBD Lower bracket round one (elimination round)
  • TBD Team Spirit vs. BOOM Esports: TBD Fnatic vs. Gaimin Gladiators:
  • TBD Royal Never Give Up vs. Entity: TBD

Oct 19, 2022 8:36 am OKBET DOTA 2 TI11

Ceb’s terrible prediction: Tundra Esports prosper while Soniqs falter

Throughout each professional OKBET DOTA 2 TI11 year, teams all across the globe strive to discover the ideal blend of talent and camaraderie. Despite a successful 2021 season, Tundra Esports parted ways with captain Fata and recruited Saksa just a few days later.

Sneyking would shift to hard support, while Saksa would take up the team’s position four. Sneyking took on extra responsibilities as the team’s new captain as a result of the relocation. The removal of Fata from the lineup received a lot of criticism from the fans and professionals alike, with Ceb claiming the kick was one of the worst in OKBET DOTA 2 TI11 history.

Tundra came out swinging with the new team after a difficult start to the DPC with the new lineup. The squad placed fourth in the Western European DPC’s second tour sans Fata and first in Tour Three. Meanwhile, Tundra made good showings in Major tournaments while Fata was settling into his new home, Quincy Crew—later Soniqs.

While it was all rainbows and sunshine in Europe, the decision seemed to have a positive influence on Fata. Soniqs punched their ticket to the Arlington Major with the acquisition of the German skipper. Soniqs finished last in the Arlington Major, but given that they were performing well at home and Tundra also fumbled at the same Major at OKBET DOTA 2 TI11, it seemed that both teams were on similar footing.

After Tundra and Soniqs qualified for TI11, it was time to determine who profited the most from the roster swap. Tundra has emerged into the strongest of the two after over 100 games in the International 2022. Soniqs struggled to escape elimination from the competition until the last day, as Tundra finished top in Group B.

Soniq’s prospects seemed to be bound to a single tiebreaker match against BetBoom Team, but EG betrayed NA and lost two surprising games against BOOM Esports, who was previously thought to be eliminated by most fans. This upset resulted in a three-way tiebreaker in which Soniqs crumbled versus BOOM, putting an end to their TI11 run.

According to the results, Tundra’s unexpected lineup change was one of the finest in Dota history, contrary to Ceb’s forecast. While Ceb may seem to be incorrect on this, he has won two TIs with OG, a team that values friendship above all else. Because Fata was a founding member of the team, the move may still be considered unethical, but considering Tundra’s tournament runs, it surely worked in Tundra’s benefit.


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