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Betting Valorant Game Changers in Esports Industry 2022

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Riot Games is constantly expanding the Betting Valorant scene. This is seen by their ongoing production and investment in events aimed primarily at local locations. The Valorant Game Changers series is another important tool in Riot’s effort to build the Valorant esports scene, and it will be available in additional territories in 2022.

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The Valorant Game Changers tournament series is a female-only tournament series that attempts to promote the ability and significance of female players who are significantly underrepresented in the Betting Valorant pro scene. The APAC area, in particular, has witnessed tremendous development as a result of this series, and serves as an example of how pure Valorant esports is.

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Riot may use Valorant Game Changers to concentrate resources exclusively toward the assistance of female Valorant teams at the Betting Valorant. This is accomplished not just via the multiple prize pools, but also through the visibility and reach that teams need in order to gain sponsors. It allows for the growth of a new group of players, who will hopefully not only give another source of pleasure, but will also contribute to the competitivity of the Valorant esports sector as a whole.

The Valorant Game Changers APAC has championed the series’ execution, with its structure and several levels representing it as a truly big event outside of the VCT on Betting Valorant. Teams competing in the four distinct VCT Game Changers APAC Open tournaments contended for circuit points throughout 2022. The top three teams with the highest circuit points will advance straight to the VCT 2022: Game Changers APAC Elite. The top 16 teams were selected to play in the VCT 2022: Game Changers APAC Open Overtime based on circuit points once again. The top three teams from the Overtime event would be invited to Game Changers Elite. With two seats up for grabs in the VCT 2022: Game Changers APAC Last Opportunity Qualifier, remaining teams have another chance to qualify for the Game Changers Elite.

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Eventually, eight teams will battle for a portion of the $35,000 prize pool as they progress to the Game Changers Elite. The tournament will span two weeks at the Betting Valorant, with the final format to be announced. Given the buildup to the event, however, it is likely to be a double elimination format.

The fact that over 128 female-only teams competed in this series from start to finish is noteworthy. In a female-only tournament, that’s a lot of competing rosters. It’s hardly unexpected given Riot Games’ claim that 30-40% of Valorant’s player base was female in 2021 at the Betting Valorant. Given a good and non-toxic competition atmosphere, it seems that a sizable section of the female playerbase is interested in pursuing an esports career. With so many competitors in attendance, APAC as a region has showed so much promise.

OKBET Betting Valorant

One day Betting Valorant, we won’t need a Game Changers, and the competing scenes will merge, but Game Changers is the best route to get there. APAC, as one of the strongest areas in both the Game Changers and the VCT main series, has the potential to be a driving force.