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LCK 2023 Makes Major Format Changes for the Wonderful Season | LCK LoL

OKBET LCK Major Format Changes 2023

LCK 2023

The LCK 2023 League of Legends tournament circuit has concluded, and it is now time to look forward to the following season. According to Riot Games, the LCK 2023 season will see significant format modifications.

LCK 2023

The forthcoming season will be different from the previous one in order to raise the degree of entertainment at the LCK 2023, even if it may seem exciting for professional athletes. Furthermore, some leagues will see significant modifications in format ways. Let’s take a closer look at the forthcoming LCK format adjustments!


The most significant and long-awaited change for LCK esports is undoubtedly the double-elimination format. Most fans think that the double-elimination structure, which is presently employed in the VALORANT scene as well as several League of Legends events at the LCK 2023, has enormous entertainment potential. It might both help choose the best team to demonstrate its capabilities and earn a second shot even if it has previously failed to win a series in the top bracket.

LCK 2023

Second the LCK 2023, it enables any team to do fantastic things, such as coming from the lower bracket to win it all, which makes for a terrific narrative! The regular season will be crucial in determining participation prior to the playoffs. The top two seeded teams from the regular season will automatically advance to the second round, while the other playoff competitors will attempt to advance from the first round.


The new roster structure is another significant adjustment. Starting next season, LCK clubs will have 20 players, and any of them may play for either the main team or the academy team. One general manager, one analyst, one head coach for the main squad, and one for the academy are necessary for each club. LCK 2023 can only have three assistant coaches and the academy can only have four. Furthermore, the adjustments made to LCK will have an impact on LCK CL.

LCK 2023

All matches will be best of three with a double round-robin format during the regular season. The top six teams will qualify for the playoffs, which will be best of five games with a double elimination format.


LCK 2023 esports hosts one of the most difficult contests in the League of Legends environment, and the adjustments will undoubtedly have an impact on the league. Both LoL Worlds Finalists this year were South Korean teams, T1 and DRX. This demonstrates the region’s prosperity, and with the new structure, the entertainment level will undoubtedly exceed what it is now.

LCK 2023

Many fans and players have previously criticized the single elimination system for leaving little space for error. However, in terms of choosing the top teams in the area, the double-elimination format provides a superior experience. Whichever team made a significant error early in the bracket will get a second opportunity to display their actual quality and perhaps win the LCK 2023 Trophy!

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